Vladimir Putin is doing his damndest to promote We’re All Gonna Die (Even Jay Baruchel). a new, six-part docuseries available for streaming now on Crave.

Previous brioux.tv podcast guest Jay Baruchel is host and executive producer. He returns to talk about this new venture, shot mainly during the pandemic but before the invasion of Ukraine and the current nuclear threats — one of six apocalyptic scenarios examined in the series.

Jay — who started out on TV as a teen correspondent on Popular Mechanics for Kids — puts his interviewer hat on again in order to speak with scientists and other experts as he examines end-of-the-world scenarios. Episode One looks at an asteroid Armageddon, followed by an episode on the likelihood of a nuclear holocaust. There’s more laffs ahead with a pandemic pandemonium, an alien invasion, a volcanic cataclysm and a climate apocalypse. Baruchel even goes down inside the Diefenbunker!

This is a shorter-than-usual podcast episode, including a couple of clips from the series, so perfect for a 25 minute workout. Use the extra time to put your affairs in order! Thanks again to Baruchel, a busy man what with this, LOL Canada, directing Son of a Critch and guesting on the upcoming Kids in the Hall series.

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