To no one’s surprise, the fifth season of The Crown shot right to the top of the weekly Netflix Top-10 in Canada, the US and The UK, as well as several other countries.

It got there with no help from me. I haven’t started to stream it yet, and I’m about as excited about the prospect as Charles and Diana (played by Dominic West from The Affair and Elizabeth Debicki) appear to be in the poster, above. I liked the two seasons before this, and I could have taken another one with Olivia Coleman (as Elizabeth) and the rest of that cast. Plus, again with Charles and Diana? Hasn’t this story been told enough?

The other cast change that doesn’t grab me is the real life one that took place with the death of Her Majesty earlier this year. Now that Charles is in Charge, well, I’ve rather watch Charles in Charge.

This week’s entire Top-10 list follows, but keep reading below that for an interesting report on how Netflix is performing against two other streaming options, Disney+ and Prime Video:

NOVEMBER 7 – NOVEMBER 13, 2022Next Week

1The Crown: Season 51
2Love Is Blind: Season 34
3Manifest: Season 42
4Buying Beverly Hills: Season 11
5Ancient Apocalypse: Season 11
6Manifest: Season 17
7Inside Man: Season 12
8From Scratch: Limited Series4
9Warrior Nun: Season 21
10Killer Sally: Limited Series2

On Monday, Numeris (remember them?) released some insight comparing audiences for Netflix, Disney+ and Prime Video. While the prevailing impression right now holds that Disney has caught and passed Netflix as a streaming option in Canada, Numeris’ data suggests it is Netflix and Prime Video who are locked in a battle for first place among streamers.


Throughout eight weeks of September – October, they contend, in Ontario, Prime Video has the edge over Netflix for total hours tuned among A18+ with Disney+ a distant third.

How distant? Here are the total weekly hours watched, according to Numeris, throughout September and October:

Among viewers A18+, in Ontario, the tally was Prime Video: 21,905.000; Netflix: 20,398,000; Disney+: 4,875,000.

Among viewers A25-54 in Ontario, the tally was Netflix: 13,374,000; Prime Video” 12,225,000: Disney+: 3,721,000.

Prime Video leads Netflix in Ontario in all demos except teens 12-17. Where Netflix has the edge is in the greater number of hours it gets from each tuned viewer. Among 18-54-year-olds, for example it obtains 5.1 average weekly hours per viewer compared to only 3.9 similar hours for Prime Video and 2.7 hours collected on Disney+.

In French Quebec, Numeris reports that Netflix outperforms Prime Video with Disney+ again in third spot. The total weekly hours spent watching are lower than in Ontario, however. Among viewers A25-54, in Quebec Franco, the score is: Netflix: 4,364,000; Prime Video: 3,921,000; Disney+ 1,545,000.

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