This Friday, The Spencer Sisters premieres on CTV. The mother-daughter detective series stars Lea Thompson, still best remembered for her breakout role in “Back to the Future,” and Stacey Farber (Degrassi: The Next Generation; Saving Hope). You can hear both of them now on the podcast.

Viewers were given a chance to see a sneak peek at the pilot episode ten days ago following CTV’s airing of an NFL playoff game. That’s a good way to bring an enormous audience to sample a new series, especially this made-in-Canada combination of The Gilmore Girls meets Murder, She Wrote.

Thompson and Farber are a delight and the reason to watch this series.

I’m always grateful to be able to engage in these conversations with such bright storytellers. Listen as Farber talks about meeting one of her acting idols, Eric McCormack (featured on an earlier episode of the podcast) at a taping in Los Angeles of the rebooted series Will & Grace. How did they meet? Farber had darted out of the bleachers to take a quick bathroom break. McCormack was just exiting the Men’s room. Ah, Hollywood glamour.

Click on the blue and white arrow above to listen as Thompson talks about her other career as a director. It hasn’t always been easy trying to bark directions through an N95 face mask and shield while shooting through the pandemic. On Star Trek: Picard, for example, she finally stood 100 feet away, took off her mask and waved at Sir Patrick Stewart just to show him what she looks like.

Getting these stories behind the stories, and then sharing them on the podcast, has been the most fun and rewarding part of reporting on television for me at this stage of my career. The next episode, No. 101, features one of my comedy heroes. Only a hoser would miss this extra long episode, premiering next Monday.


More memorable conversations are on the way as we boldly go on towards the next 100 episodes. Set phasers for stun, and thanks for listening so far.

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