Have you watched any of these so-called “Slow-docs” from Mitch Azaria? The executive producer of “Tripping the Rideau Canal” and “Trippimg the Niagara” is back for the thrd-straight spring with a new TVOntario documentary. When I interviewed him last year, I suggested he should go “Tripping the Bruce” next. And that’s exactly what he did!

On this week’s the podcast episode, Farmhouse Facelift contractor and design team Carolyn Wilbrink and Billy Pearson got a kick out of me calling them the “Stylin’ Siblings.” That’s what they are, though, so I’m going to keep calling them that until the name sticks. You can catch the second episode of their second

“The biggest impact on renovations in th last few years has been the cost of everything.” So says handyman host Scott McGillivray. His latest series, Scott’s Own Vacation House, just premiered on HGTV (and can also be streamed on Stack TV). He also can be heard now as the latest guest on the podcast;

Imagine going into a Big Brother-like room with ten top comedians. Let’s say they’re all Canadians. Why not name them: Colin Mochrie (Whose Line is it Anyway?), Dave Foley (Kids in the Hall), Andrew Phung (Run the Burbs), K Trevor Wilson (Letterkenny), Tom Green, Caroline Rhea, Deb DiGionanni, Jonathan Lajolie, Brandon Ash Mohammad and Mae

Tonight’s fourth episode of Son of a Critch is titled, “Cucumber Slumber.” It could have also have been called “Province in a Pickle.” The episode finds roving reporter Mike Sr. (played by Mark Critch) firmly behind a new provincial government initiative to make Newfoundland the cucumber capital of Canada. His sudden interest is swayed after