Christina Applegate


Second seasons are tricky, especially in this locked-in binge era. You decide to check out a series, find you can’t look away, and four hours later, you’ve seen it all. Then you wait a whole year to see more episodes. Can anything live up to that kind of anticipation? Well, Fleabag did. It exceeded expectations,

One would almost need another full year to see enough of the TV shows released in 2019 in order to pick the best 10. The launch of AppleTV+, Disney+, the continuing content splurge from Netflix and other streamers and the latest from HBO kept us binging through eye strain for a full 12 months. Full

Is it just me, or is So You Think You Can Dance the easiest talent search show when it comes to picking the eventual winner? After having sat out the series this season since the early audition rounds, I was asked to recap Wednesday night’s semi-final for TheStar.ca. (You can follow this link to the recap).