Conan O’Brien


From Monday’s late night talk shows: I’m Dave Letterman, or as the staff likes to call me, “the royal baby.” Congratulations to Kate Middleton and Prince William. They’re the proud parents of a brand-new baby boy. This really is big news — I mean, if the year was 1250 then it would be big news.

School’s out for summer, as Alice Cooper used to say. So what’s on TV?Tons ‘o stuff. The new Showtime original Ray Donovan, starring Liev Schreiber as a slick LA fixer-to-the-stars, begins Sunday, for example. Dexter returns for a final run. In August, so does Breaking Bad. The Listener, True Blood, Saving Hope and Rookie Blue

From Thursdays Conan: Paula Deen’s book isn’t even out yet and it’s already number one on Amazon. And at the bottom of the sales page it says, “Customers who like this book may also like Alabama in the 1950s.”

Conan O’Brien vs. Chelsea Handler: Nude Shower Fight!With all the headlines about Jimmy taking over from Jay, a couple of other late night talk show hosts show they’re far from washed up. Check out this naked and hilarious comedy video from Chelsea Handler and Conan O’Brien–just hide the kids!

For speaking with me in Vancouver, Jackson Davies wasawarded a brand new Lincoln Escapade VANCOUVER–Had an arresting conversation Friday with Jackson Davies, a.k.a. The Beachcombers’ Constable Constable.Jackson is promoting The Beachcombers at 40: Bruno and the Beach (Harbour Publishing, where else?). The book is written by series creator Marc Strange and Davies, who played Constable

President Obama in happier times with Dave on Sept. 18. John Paul Filo/CBS Years ago it was said that if you lost Walter Cronkite, you lost the White House.The “most trusted” CBS news anchor certainly played a part in ending Lyndon Johnson’s political career. Even more lethal, it could be argued, was being the steady butt

From Monday’s Conan: According to a new report, the average Canadian is now richer than the average American. This is bad news for Americans and worse news for those Mexicans who now have to tunnel all the way to Canada Tweet

Conan O’Brien’s kinda been off the radar lately, tucked away over there on TBS. This clip, from last week’s triumphant trip to Chicago, shows his late night series can still be the funniest thing on television–especially when an old friend shows up to bark at not-so-innocent bystanders.