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Is it possible that Lisa LaFlamme’s decision to go grey actually played a role, however minor, in her dismissal as CTV’s top news anchor? There’s so much buzz still about L’affair LaFlamme it defies the modern notion of 24-hour news cycles. Social media keeps on spinning tales of what may have motivated network executives to

I have some news… pic.twitter.com/lTe3Rs0kOA — Lisa LaFlamme (@LisaLaFlamme_) August 15, 2022 “I was blindsided, and am still shocked, and saddened by Bell Media’s decision.” That was Lisa LaFlamme’s message, delivered on Twitter Monday, regarding her unexpected exit after 35 years at CTV — the last 11 as Chief Anchor of the CTV National News.

America’s Got Talent came back rather slow this summer but by the week of July 19-25 it had climed to the No. 1 spot in the weekly English Canada TV ratings. This is a week that saw the Tokyo Olympic Summer Games vault CBC into two Top 10 finishes for the week, including the encore,

With most imported series done for the season and the Toronto Maple Leafs eliminated from the NHL playoffs, the Top 30 most-watched shows in English Canada took a tumble into the bland days of early summer. According to Numeris, here’s how things looked in English Canada in Live+7 totals the week of June 7 -13: