Doctor Who


Toronto Sun TV guy Bill Harris (left) joins me in scrumming a Dalek It is the 50th anniversary of the old British kiddie show Doctor Who. BBC America and Space are airing day long tributes on the 23rd. Me, I’ll stick with WKBW’s Rocketship 7, which started around the same time. But, hey, you Who

Bill Harris (left) joins me in scrumming a Dalek. Our work here is done BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–I was very disappointed with Doctor Who at Thursday night’s TCA press tour party in Los Angeles.The actor playing the famed time traveler, Matt Smith, just didn’t seem to know his lines. He was there along with Jenna Coleman,

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CA–BBC America hosted an evening event for the TV press at an appropriate venue–the swank London West Hollywood Hotel. Critics partied poolside on the rooftop while local mermaids performed their water ballet. Some guy by the name of Gordon Ramsay cooked up the tasty vittles. The stars and creators of such BBC America

Doctor Who takes Space to a scary high Looking for numbers? The latest weekly look at the complete primetime picture can be found over at Toronto.com’s “Remote Control” section, jump to it here. Among the leaders across Canada the week of April 18 to 24 are two Stanley Cup round one playoff games involving the victorious Canucks (whew!)