CANNES, France–Of course he’s here. Gene Simmons has been working MIPCOM harder than the guys out front of the Palais des Festivals selling umbrellas. The legendary KISS frontman is in his third day of press sessions here promoting Coliseum, a new music talent search show. The series has Simmons judging rock star wannabes. Yes, just

UPDATED CANNES, France–If you’ve never been to this gigantic international TV marketplace, but you grew up in Toronto, think of the Palais des Festivals as a mall-sized, multi-level Food Building at the CNE. Patrons are slightly better dressed but look just as spent. The offerings inside are about as warmed-over and suspect, but if you

Went to the set of the auto action series Transporter and a hockey fight broke out. The international co-production, based on the high octane road thrillers featuring Jason Sratham, was on location last month at Mississauga’s Hershey Centre when I was invited to the set. Star Chris Vance was not behind the wheel of one