I couldn’t help but wonder if Eddie Murphy had stayed away too long before his long-awaited return to Saturday Night Live over the weekend. After all, it had been since 1984 — 35 years — since the youngest-ever cast member had electrified audiences at 30 Rock. In hockey terms, would Murphy bathe in Rocket Richard-style

“Who was once a little green slab of clay…Gumby!” If you recall that lyric, You probably grew up watching Gumby and Pokey and all their Plasticine pals. You probably, at one point, also owned a bendable green Gumby figure. Gumby dates back to the Eisenhower era of the mid-’50s. Teletoon Retro celebrates his 60th anniversary Thursday, Jan. 29,

Catching up from beautiful downtown Liverpool, N.Y., home of Cinefest 29. People here are buzzed about the Syracuse Orangemen in the March Madness B-ball tourney, president Obama on Leno tonight and a bunch of old films from the `20s and `30s–pretty much in that order.The big gem from the floor of the Liverpool Holiday Inn