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Global framed their 43 minute, virtual upfront presentation Wednesday with an old-fashioned “let’s put on a show” approach. Food Network Canada host Noah Cappe kidded around as the director of the virtual video, introducing Corus execs such as Doug Murphy, Troy Reeb and Barb McKergow. Hey, it’s been a long year in lockdown. Things opened

Skupin: a second chance Fire up the Tiki torch and pass the Doritos. The 25th edition of Survivor begins tonight (CBS, Global, 8 p.m.).The 90-minute opener will reveal three tribes, returning players and celebrities. Each tribe gets one returning player: Jonathan Penner (Cook Islands and Micronesia), Russell Swan (Samoa) and Mike Skupin (all the way

Jeff Probst will try to outwit, outplay and outlast his opponents on the island of daytime talk shows. The Jeff Probst Show begins Monday at 2 p.m. on Global, with Katie, starring Katie Couric following at 3 on City and  The Ricki Lake Show at 4 back at Global. Anderson Cooper launches his second season,

CBS president Nina Tassler (middle) with Elementary stars Lucy Liu andJonny Lee Miller. Cliff Lipson/CBS  BEVERLY HILLS, CA–CBS threw a perfect press tour party Sunday, offering plenty of access to the biggest names across their various network and cable properties. Stars from fall shows like Vegas (CBS) and Beauty and the Beast (The CW) walked

BEVERLY HILLS, CA–Jeff Probst usually does more listening than talking at Survivor tribal councils.On Sunday, he spoke up, telling critics an amazing story about how his Tikki torch first got lit on the long-running reality show.The 50-year-old was before critics to promote his new daytime talk series, The Jeff Probst Show. Probst joins Katie Couric and Rikki