Ten years on, Canadians love their Rick Mercer Report.The series blasted back Tuesday at 8 p.m. with 1,256,000 overnight, estimated viewers.CBC’s winning Tuesday continued with the 20th season return of 22 Minutes, which also broke a million at 1,009,000. The Dragon’s Den spin-off The Big Decision drew 480,000 at 9 p.m.Mercer’s strong showing was the

What is curious, Alex? That would be how Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune wound up at CHCH, where they’ll premiere in Canada next September. CBC paid big bucks to import the two long-running CBS Paramount International Television gamers, which they began airing in 2008. Jeopardy! in particular consistently delivered million-plus audiences weeknights from 7:30 to 8

UPDATED with Friday and Saturday and also Sunday network numbers. That Jeopardy IBM infomerical was a hit (featuring Alex Trebek, Ken Jennings, Watson and Brad Rutter, above), topping two million viewers per day on CBC over the three-day challenge. Look for Jennings, Watson and Rutter next season on Survivor: Deduction Island.Two and a Half Men, Survivor,

Answer: What is Jeopardy?Question: What CBC show crashed through the one million viewer mark twice last week? The supper time quiz show drew 1,025,000 viewers Monday and 1,044,000 Wednesday the week of Nov. 3-9 according to BBM NMR overnight data.Here’s how some other CBC series did last week: Hockey Night in Canada, featuring a battle