CANNES, France–Montreal-based Muse Entertainment confirmed Wednesday at MIPCOM that Jackie, their sequel to the controversial 2011 miniseries The Kennedys, is a firm go. The four-hour drama will again star Katie Holmes as the glamorous former First Lady. Tut bad guy Alexander Siddig will get padded up to play her filthy rich second hubby, Aristotle Onassis. The story will

CANNES, France–Chris Carter was asked Tuesday night at the world premiere of The X-Files miniseries: How long will Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny keep coming back to playing Scully and Mulder? He answered without hesitation: “Until they’re wheeled off the stage.” The creator and executive producer was the star attraction at the MIPCOM screening of the Fox

CANNES, France–“Geek culture is taking over.” That was the message Aaron Ashmore brought to Cannes Tuesday along with fellow cast members from Killjoys and Between. Ashmore wasn’t talking about reporters like me who get to hang with the buyers and sellers this week on the French Riviera. The 35-year-old B.C.-native was explaining the appeal of

Last October when I was at MIPCOM in Cannes you couldn’t help but notice all the signage for Just For Laughs Gags. Scenes from the very visual Quebec comedy were everywhere, on giant electronic billboards as well as on the sides and roofs of the many overpriced taxis. The message: visual gag comedy sells internationally.

A little over a year ago, I was invited to Ottawa to moderate a panel of Canadian TV executives. The event was Prime Time in Ottawa, which just hosted industry leaders for the 20th time earlier this month. At the session I moderated, the professionals in the room were still buzzing over a fuse colleague John Doyle

CANNES,  France–Once it ends, MIPCOM gets ripped down faster than a “Ford for Mayor” banner on Queen West. At the crack of four, workers began dismantling booths and carting away all the hype. The free WiFi got yanked around 16:05 CET. Basically thanks for coming, now get the hell to the airport, touristes. The four

CANNES, France–Back in June, after the U.S. and Canadian upfronts, I wrote about the “Best New Shows Canadian’s Can’t Watch.” Here’s the good news: the top two on that list are about to leap across the border. Transparent, a dark, adult, highly original comedy from digital platform Amazon Prime (which is not available in Canada),

CANNES, France–They do not celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in this French seaport of a town. At the circus that is MIPCOM, however, there are plenty of turkeys on display. Here are a few actual shows or projects in development. Let the bidding wars begin: ‘”Fly on the Wall.” Sony has this little digital reality gem available for streaming.