Ricky Gervais


You may only know Ricky Gervais as the pissy host of the Golden Globes, or the jerky boss from the original Office.  Now, in his incredibly dark, smart new comedy After Life, Gervais challenges audiences with a next-level, complicated jerk – more mature, a bit more sensitive, and totally irresistible. After Life is the story of a

PASADENA, Calif.–Being about an hour’s drive away from Sunday’s 73rd Annual Golden Globes did not make the NBC broadcast any more entertaining. All the promotional spots for NBC’s new mid-season shows–that was different from what would have been substituted on the CTV feed in Canada. The ads for places such as IHOP were different, too. Maybe

  In a shocker, Ricky Gervais cleaned up at the 67th Annual Emmy Awards Sunday Night. Yes he did. The proof is right on the right–there he is with one of his 14 Emmy statuettes. Well deserved, mate. Actually, no he didn’t. He just grabbed one award and waved it around so people would blog that

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif.–It looks like that free window on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver will remain open for now. Selected rants from the Sunday night HBO showcase featuring British-born comedian John Oliver have been available after every show on YouTube. A spokesperson for the premium cable network says there have been “some discussions” about how

Short people Merchant, Davis and Gervais. Ray Burmiston/HBO PASADENA, CA–Two days before his big Golden Globes gig, press tour headliner Ricky Gervais appeared before a room full of reporters and did not rip one single celebrity.He did share one insight on celebrities in general. “There’s no difference now,” he said, “between fame and infamy.”Gervais, along