Rob Ford


What with traveling to and from North Carolina and all, I didn’t get to chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson this week until Friday. We had plenty of catching up to do, including a post mortem on Rob Ford’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, another look at Ellen DeGeneres’ job hosting The Oscars and my visit

Orange is the new black: Kimmel promised to send Ford some new ties Hizzonor never knew what hit him. There he was, on Jimmy Kimmel Live, losing more weight in 12 minutes than he had ever lost in his life. “Why are you dressed as a magician?” was Kimmel’s first question. The mayor of Toronto,

It’s true–I helped Jimmy Kimmel bag Rob Ford. Toronto’s cartoon mayor will be the special guest Monday on Jimmy Kimmel Live (11:35 p.m., ABC and City).Now, before you all start storming my house with pick axes, torches and bobble heads, calm down people, I have no political dog in this hunt. I live in Brampton,

From Thursday’s Jimmy Kimmel Live: As you probably know, Justin Bieber recently retired from music to focus on building up his criminal record.Last week, he was arrested in Miami for drag racing a rented Lamborghini while under the influence. The results of the toxicology report from that arrest were released today – they showed that Justin

The Death March with Cocktails known as the Winter gathering of the Television Critics Association press tour is just about at an end. Some folks have stayed an extra day or two to get their pictures taken with the Sesame Street gang, meet  Bob Newhart, George Takei and other Pioneers of Television and visit the

PASADENA, CA–Spotted Dr. Drew Pinsky at the CNN TCA press tour party the other day and asked: can Rob Ford be saved?You might have read or heard about Toronto’s mayor. Hizzonor has admitted he’s smoked crack cocaine and been on a few booze binges.When I mentioned him to Greg Kinnear–who plays a boozin,’ gamblin’, cad

It’s just not New Year’s Eve without another Air Farce New Year’s Eve CBC special. The fun begins Tuesday night at 8 p.m. as Canada’s most famous comedy troupe spoofs headlines from the past 12 months.The F-Bomb, of course, is aimed at several idiots, including Toronto legend Rob Ford, goofed on by Craig Lauzon in