Sean Hayes


Relatively late in life, Leslie Jordan became one of those people you’re always happy to see on TV. News of the death of the 67-year-old following a car accident felt like a career cut short in its prime. The truth is that the diminutive southerner always worked, amassing 134 International Movie Database (IMDb) acting credits.

Patrick Warburton has plenty of reason to feel Ticked off. The actor has waited patiently for 15 years to see if anyone would finally do a re-boot of his favourite character–the big blue bug of justice, aka The Tick. Warburton squeezed into the outrageous muscle suit for nine amazing episodes that Fox all but hid from viewers

Maybe its just me, but this looks awesome. That’s B.C.-native Will Sasso (Mad-TV) as Curly Howard. Does he nail it? Sointenly! Fellow Canucklehead Chris Diamantopoulos, from Toronto, plays Moe. Diamantopoulos seems to be specializing in playing famous people; he previously played Robin Williams in the TV-movie about Mork & Mindy and played Frank Sinatra in