Special Ops: Lioness


Another week, another Reelgood look at what are the 10 most popular shows across various platforms, broadcast cable and streaming, in North America. This one looks at August 3 to 9 and survey says that the AppleTV+ thriller Hijack, starring Idris Elba as a special agent aboard a hijacked passenger plane, was the most-watched series

Most weeks, as regular brioux.tv readers are no doubt aware, we run a weekly Netflix chart showing the most-watched shows on that one streaming service. Reelgood is a search engine that offers a similar weekly Top-10 list. Theirs, however, is spread over 100 different outlets and platforms and gives some indication as to the popularity

Meet Derek Gottenbos and Jaspal Sidhu, YouTubers and friends from Richmond, B.C. They form one of the 10 teams competing on the 9th season of The Amazing Race Canada. The nation’s perennial No. 1 summer series returns July 4 on CTV. What else is happening on TV this month? Check out the latest brioux.tv calendar