The Equalizer


When the cops and courts can’t help, who do you turn to? That’s the thinking behind bringing back The Equalizer, a vigilante justice hour starring Queen Latifah. It premieres Sunday after the Super Bowl on CBS and Global. (Canada’s Super Bowl network, CTV, switches instead to their new home reno series Homes Family Values featuring

As showrunner Tassie Cameron tells me on brioux.tv: the podcast, “The only thing harder than making a TV show in the first place is making a TV show during a pandemic and then making a cop show during Black Lives Matter.” Cameron should know. She and Sherry White are the production team behind Pretty Hard

It is mid-May, 2020. By now, the major US broadcast networks have usually had their blockbuster upfront presentations in New York. Canadian broadcast execs would be flying down to Los Angeles this week to scoop up shows during the annual “Hollywood Screenings.” Not this week and not this year. The COVID-19 pandemic had shut down