The Walking Dead


I’m too scared to watch The Walking Dead. Same with American Horror Story.  So University of Western Ontario student and horror film fan Kira Charron–who previously filed her impressions of  Terra Nova for TVFMF—adds this review on all things spooky this TV season.By KIRA CHARRON Horror film directors have a reason to be scared. So

It’s a happy Halloween for the folks at American Horror Story (starring Connie Britton, above). The kinky FX drama was renewed for a second season today.The series drew 3.1 million Live+3 U.S. viewers for last week’s fourth episode, its best performance to date. FX says American Horror Story is on track to becoming their highest-rated

Among the many things I liked about The Walking Dead when it premiered last year: it was a six episode season.I’m down with that U.K. series length, I knew it was something I could possibly catch beginning to end.Which I did, with my 18-year-old son, who was nuts for this series.The Walking Dead returns tonight