Back from my northern exposure to remarkable Dawson City, Yukon, where I was on location with the cats from Murdoch Mysteries. So much to process out from walking those muddy streets which seldom go dark this time of year. Check out my “up close and dirty view of Murdoch Mysteries” in the front page of the entertainment section of Saturday’s Toronto Star. It’s an account of my two days spend being a background extra as “miner No. 7” on the series. That’s me on the right with the brown pipe, wine suspenders and yellow teeth.
Many thanks to Mario Tassone, Katie Wolfgang and ultimately Christina Jennings for the experience. While reporting on the special episode, which will air as the fifth season premiere of Murdoch Mysteries sometime next spring, I was a guest of Jennings’ Shaftesbury Films.
Below is a view from “The Dome,” one of Dawson’s “gold-in-them-thar-hills” mountains that offers one of the most breathtaking views in all of Canada. Yannick Bisson and Aaron Ashmore walked the crest as Murdoch and Jack London. That’s Ashmore on the right pointing out Sarah Palin’s house:

That’s me, below left, toting a sack filled with crushed newspapers labeled “100 lbs of Plaster.” It is supposed to make me look like a burly miner but it looks more like I’m burping a baby. Dawson-based photographer Jay Armitage, who clicked like crazy as the set stills shooter, shot most of these photos.

A look down one of the many Dawson streets blocked off for the production with Bisson and English guest star Jill Halfpenny in the foreground. Halfpenny plays Elizabeth, Murdoch’s main Yukon distraction.

Elizabeth wasn’t Murdoch’s only distraction. I snapped this shot of Bisson–looking more like he did in his Nothing Too Good for  a Cowboy days–surrounded by four of the locals posing as town prostitutes. The actress on the far right is one of Diamond Tooth Gertie’s extremely flexible can-can dancers.

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