Missing: Ashley Judd’s smile and wrinkles

It was March Break across Canadaand a break as well for The Big Bang Theory, allowing other shows to reach the top of the weekly Canadian TV ratings. They included The Amazing Race, Survivor and the new Ashley Judd drama Missing, launching in the Big Bang timeslot.

Sifting through all the reruns were a couple of specials and debuts. Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of March 12 to 18 according to overnight estimates:
The Voice opened at 8 for CTV with 1,467,000 viewers. Smashwent up for a third week in a row to 1,058,000 overnight viewers.
Global’s Houserepeated to 707,000 at 8 o’clock. A rerun of NCIS: Los Angeles drew 825,000 leading into a robust repeat of HawaiiFIVE-0 (1,132,000).
It was all reruns at CTV Two starting with The Mentalist at 8 (388,000) followed by Two and a Half Men (583,000), Mike & Molly (620,000) and Castle (266,000).
City opened Canada’s Got Talent (483,000) followed by How I Met Your Mother (486,000) and 2 Broke Girls (719,000). Alcatrazdrew 652,000 at 10.
A new Mr. D drew 685,000 CBC viewers, with Little Mosque at 443,000 and the Dragon’s Den spin-off The Big Decision pulling 706,000.
Montreal and Bostondrew 589,000 NHL fans to TSN; San Joseand Edmonton scored 495,000 for TSN’s late game. Score pinned 452,000 with WWE Raw. A SpongeBob marathon peaked at 429,000 viewers at YTV, helping Mr. Young premiere to a robust 289,000 at 6 p.m. Canada’s Greatest Know-It-All drew 282,000 at Discovery. Midsomer Murders killed on TVO (249,000).
On a night of broadcast repeats, Sportsnet soared with Hometeam Hockey, scoring 2,040,000 nationally. The big draw, as usual, was a Leafs game on Sportsnet Ontario(1,054,000) with the Canucks tapping in another 542,000 on Sportsnet Pacific.
Global managed to pull 1,384,000 in with a rerun of NCIS. NCIS: Los Angeles followed with 1,300,000. Wipeout did 495,000 at 10.
Whitney began CTV’s night with 1,073,000 viewers. Hot in Cleveland drew 1,041,000. The Riverswelled to 738,000. Unforgettableended CTV’s night with 981,000.
The Rick Mercer Reportrepeated to 661,000 viewers. 22 Minutesfollowed with 597,000. Arctic Air soared in its season finale, rising to 963,000 overnight, estimated viewers.
City started low with a rerun of Last Man Standing (247,000) but bounced up with new episodes of Cougar Town (434,000) and New Girl (603,000). Raising Hope (228,000) and Body of Proof (792,000) followed.
CTV Two went with a rerun of The Mentalist (235,000) followed by Whitney (140,000) and then the premiere of the new NBC talent search-slash-infomercial Fashion Star(345,000).
Toronto/Florida drew 746,000 hockey fans to Sportsnet Ontario. TSN scored 473,000 for a Sharks/Flames game. Discovery had another bonanza with Gold Rush Alaska (627,000). A new Pawn Stars was back after a long hiatus on History and fetched 497,000 overnight viewers.

Colton aims for his next victim on Survivor One World


Survivor One World stayed on top of the overnights with 2,415,000 viewers. Are You There Chelsea?(314,000), I Hate My Teenage Daughter(237,000) and Kitchen Nightmares (303,000) followed on Global.
A two hour American Idol drew 2,163,000 CTV viewers. A new CSI followed with 2,345,000.
CTV Two led with America’s Top Model (137,000), took a big jump with Criminal Minds (1,291,000) and settled back down with The Mentalist (340,000).
For the tenth consecutive week, Republic of Doyle topped the million mark overnight with 1,044,000 viewers. Dragon’s Den led the way on CBC with 1,424,000.
City stuck with The Middle (350,000), Suburgatory (401,000), Modern Family (785,000) and Happy Endings (509,000). Revenge For Real drew 243,000 at 10.
TSN scored 664,000 for a Montreal/Ottawa game. Sportsnet Pacific drew 590,000 for a Canucks/Phoenix game.
Back-to-back episodes of American Restoration drew 449,000 and 426,000 on History. IRT: Deadliest Roads drove off with 419,000 and Swamp People did 429,000. Kung Fu Panda chopped away at 422,000 on YTV. Four Weddings Canada did 129,000 at 10 p.m.on Slice. The premiere of Monster Mandid 127,000 on Space.
King sunk to a new low on Showcase, drawing 64,000.
The Big Bang Theory was Missing at CTV—literally. CBS shelved the comedy this week so CTV substituted the new Ashley Judd drama Missing, which premiered to 2,436,000. This allowed CTV to boast it had the season’s strongest debut. Missing from the release was the fact the new series was about 1.2 million off what Big Bang usually draws Thursdays at 8.
CTV`s night continued with Grey’s Anatomy (2,150,000) and Law & Order SVU (1,011,000).
American Idol (1,211,000) slipped a bit week-to-week on CTV Two. Two episodes of Up All Night (257,000, 305,000) followed. Criminal Minds did 284,000 at 10. CTV Two opened the night at 7 with Vampire Diaries (259,000).
The Exes opened meekly for Global at 8 (238,000). The Office (237,000) is probably toast. Kiefer Sutherland’s new series Touch drew 926,000 Global overnight viewers. Awake was up over the week before at 733,000.
City saw 425,000 race back for the mid-season start of Community. 30 Rock rolled to 379,000. ). Person of Interest (381,000) had to be a rerun. Private Practice was back and did 506,000.
TSN2 has a Pittsburgh/Rangers game (547,000). Undercover Boss Canada stayed strong on W, hiring another 556,000 at 9 p.m.
No Marketplace this week, with CBC going with a Friday night hockey game between Ottawa and Montreal(851,000).
CTV shook things up with Shark Tank at 8 (1,063,000) followed by the usual Grimm at 9 (716,000) and a rerun of Blue Bloods (1,127,000).
Global slotted in a 16: Bigger Picture at 8 (368,000) followed by Harry’s Law (9230) and Ringer (382,000).
CTV Two’s big draw was Dateline (379,000).
City took the night off with no new Fringe and nothing drawing over 150,000.
Ratatouille was seen by an estimated 440,000 on Family.
TSN drew 684,000 with a Brier playoff match. An iCarly marathon topped out at 534,000 at YTV. A Flames game scored 373,000 on Sportnet West. Star Wars Clone Wars had 311,000 glued at Teletoon. WWE Smackdown drew 268,000 on Score.
Hockey Night in Canada scored 2,101,000 with the early game and 1,1123,000 with the late featuring the Canucks.
Women’s curling drew 573,000 on TSN.
Buried Saturday at 8 and airing six days after its NBC broadcast, a two hour Celebrity Apprentice dipped to 279,000 Global viewers. Trump should say to Global, “You’re fired!”
Saturday Night Live dropped down to 332,000 viewers for a repeat. Merlin did 257,000 on Space.
Walton Goggins and Timothy Oliphant of Justified


Once Upon a Time (1,254,000) was solid at 7 for CTV. After all these seasons, The Amazing Race (2,443,000) remains the show to beat in Canadaon Sundays. Desperate Housewives did 1,733,000 at 9. The new prime time soap GCB(1,065,000) seems to have found its level.
Same with Canada’s Got Talent, which drew 829,000 and 981,000 back-to-back on City. Another lame Lethal Weaponmovie tumbled City’s cross Canadatake down to 46,000.
Global opened with The Simpsons (955,000) followed by Bob’s Burgers (518,000), Family Guy (755,000), American Dad (546,000), The Good Wife (677,000) and The West Block (149,000).
The two hour finale of Canada’s Smartest Person was seen by 656,000 dummies on CBC. Heartland galloped off with 834,000 at 7.
The big draw over at CTV Two was CSI Miami at 10 (654,000). W5 did 262,000 at 7.
Discovery saw 618,000 tune in at 8 p.m. for the two hour season premiere of Frozen Planet.
Lost Girl was found by 264,000 at 9, outgunning the Showcase premiere of Justified at 10 (199,000).
Women’s curling drew 708,000 to TSN for a tilt between Canadaand China. Lost Girl was found by 185,000 at 9 on Showcase.

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