What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July this week than with Andy and Barney. Here Barney demonstrates his unique mastery of the preamble to the U.S. constitution.
As a kid, I laughed always at Don Knotts as bumbling Barney Fife, but never really appreciated what a superb straight man Andy Griffith made. Two life-long friends at the top of their form.
The episode, “Opie’s Ill-Gotten Gain,” originally aired on CBS on Nov. 18, 1963–just days before the assassination of president John F. Kennedy.


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  1. MeTV has already run a 3-hour afternoon block of 1960s to early 70s guest-star programming today featuring Griffith. (Just Sunday it was another MeTV afternoon marathon tributing Don Grady.)

    Here in Canada, the only thing corporate leader Bell provided this past week /weekend was its 2nd-half of a 29% (direct service excl. touch-tone, 911 and HST) fee increase against my basic apartment land-line phone service – within the past 11 months.

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