Ay carumba! Spain’s Euro 2012 soccer victory over Italyon TSN was the most watched show of the week in Canada. What’s next—euro-style bailouts? Sudden interest in David Hasselhoff?
The Jays had a big week, too, as did CFL football. Live sports—and, for some strange reason, cooking shows–seem to be all TV is good for this summer as overall viewing levels continue to drop.
Here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of June 25 to July 1 according to overnight estimates:
CTV had reruns of Mike & Molly (722,000) and Two and a Half Men (627,000) then a hearty helping of Masterchef (1,521,000). The Big Brother rip-off The Glass Housedrew 689,000 curious onlookers.
Hell’s Kitchenboiled over to 1,108,000 at 8 on City. America’s Got Talent amused 1,061,000.  Shameless followed at 10 with 167,000.
Baseball was a big draw on Sportsnet, with Jays/Red Sox batting 717,000 and Yankees/Indians connecting with 663,000. A later Dodgers/Giants game did 296,000.
Global opened with Psych (390,000) followed by reruns of House (246,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (952,000).
CTV Two’s only draw was Criminal Minds at 10 (352,000).
A History special on the Great Escape drew 391,000. WWE Raw body slammed 320,000 on Score. Big show on Discovery was River Monsters(231,000).
CBC made do with reruns of Mr. D (196,000), Ron James(229,000) and Republic of Doyle (289,000).
Masterchef: viewers keep eating it up
CTV had fresh Hot in Cleveland (946,000) followed by Bent(535,000). Masterchef followed at 9 (1,491,000) leading into Love in the Wild(961,000).
Global did well as usual with reruns of NCIS (1,000,000) plus NCIS: Los Angeles (977,000). In Plain Sightfollowed at 10 (576,000).
City got cookin’ with Hell’s Kitchen (968,000) followed by America’s Got Talent (1,213,000). Murdoch Mysteries at 10 was solved by 370,000.
CBC aired a Mercerrepeat (406,000), a spare 22 Minutes(318,000) and dug out an episode of Camelot(169,000).
Criminal Minds (334,000) was the big draw on CTV Two.
The Blue Jays continue to swing for the fences on Sportsnet, pulling 731,000 against Boston. Deadliest Catch hooked 362,000 on Discovery. Pawn Stars fetched 308000 and 377,000 on History. Pretty Little Liars seduced 134,000 on MuchMusic.
So You Think You Can Dance: still strong this summer
CTV saw So You Think You Can Dancewaltz off with 1,203,000 viewers over two hours. The Listener slipped to 864,000 in the overnights.
CBC had a pulse with reruns of Dragon’s Den (713,000) and Arctic Air (386,000).
The new U.S.cable reboot of Dallashas gone from 655,000 to 460,000 to 309,000 on Bravo. Time for Bobby to take another shower.
Global was back with Dogs in the City (547,000) followed by House (214,000) and what must be a new low, even in reruns, for Glee(150,000).        
City stuck with The Middle (319,000) and Suburgatory(305,000). A two hour America’s Got Talent (1,131,000) gave City a big boost at 9.
CTV Two went Flashpoint (341,000), Criminal Minds (685,000), CSI (500,000). History scared 507,000 with Swamp People. The Jays slumped to 234,000 vs. Boston on Sportsnet. The Real Housewives of Vancouver drew 135,000 at 10 p.m. on Slice.
Charlie Sheen’s new FX comedy Anger Management: only in America
CTV reran The Big Bang Theorythree times again at 7:30 (1,114,000), 8 (1,833,000) and 8:30 (1,857,000). The shot-in-Toronto hospital drama Saving Hope remained strong and steady with 1,496,000 overnight viewers. The Mentalist did 1,093,000 at 10, although he already knew that.
Italy’s upset win over Germany at Euro 2012 pulled 1,172,000 soccer fans over to TSN—1,171,948 of them from the GTA. The Jays and Angels drew 629,000 on Sportsnet.
Global went with Duets(504,000), Wipeout (662,000) and just renewed for a fourth season cop drama Rookie Blue (1,119,000).
Played to death Murdoch Mysteries opened the night on City (204,000) followed by Person of Interest (384,000). At 10 City aired 2 Broke Girls (189,000) and HIMYM(157,000).
Should we even keep tallying CBC starts this summer? Nature of Things (211,000) and Doc Zone (264,000).
House of Bryan (156,000, 153,000) and reno master Jim Caruk’s new series Builder Boss (117,000, 122,000) got played a lot on HGTV.
Take Me Out (163,000) and The Choice (283,000) kept the lights on at CTV Two. Nikita (63,000) did not.
Charlie Sheen’s new comedy Anger Management opened big Thursday in the U.S. on FX, breaking U.S. cable comedy records. CTV intends to hold it until the fall.
CTV got into the Shark Tank at 8 (593,000) and then back to CSI New York(719,000) and Blue Bloods (878,000).
TSN scored a touchdown with its CFL coverage, with 806,000 tuning in to a Saskatchewan/Hamilton game and another 851,000 sticking around for Winnipeg/B.C. Jays batted 744,000 against the Angels on Sportsnet.
Global had The Glee Project (373,000) followed by Bones (585,000) and specialty call up Lost Girl (237,000).
If it is City it must be Murdoch Mysteries (247,000). CTV Two had nothing. A.N.T. Farm (234,000) flourished on Family channel. WWE Smackdown body slammed 224,000 on Score.
CBC’s “Rejected Shows” theme night went Insecurity (164,000), Little Mosque (143,000) and Michael Tuesdays (113,000). Halifax Comedy Fest added 188,000.
City aired Murdoch Mysteries three more times Saturday (171,000, 207,000, 211,000). Yannick Bisson—everywhere.
Another Jays game against the Angels drew 714,000 on Sportsnet. Argos/Eskimos did 605,000 on TSN.
GOOOAAL! For the second week in a row, soccer was the top TV show of the week in Canada, with a Stanley Cup-like 2,570,000 tuning in to see Spaindefeat Italy4-0 on TSN. Later that afternoon, TSN drew 519,000 for a CFL tilt between the Alouettes and the Stamps.
Sportsnet, meanwhile, enjoyed their biggest draw of the week with 855,000 watching the Toronto/Angels series finale.
CTV reran Saving Hope (642,000) followed by CSI (772,000).
There were no episodes of Murdoch Mysteries on City. What the? Who the? Instead, City ran Secret Millionaire(316,000) and a couple of low-rated movies.
Global stuck with cartoon comedies The Simpsons (664,000), Bob’s Burgers (447,000), Family Guy (474,000) and American Dad (310,000). The Good Wife added 205,000 at 10.
CBC ran a Coronation Streetmorning marathon which peaked at 320,000 viewers.
Heartland(309,000) and Dragon’s Den (517,000) led into a Canada Day from the Capitalspecial (544,000).
A Canada Day Stand-up-a-thon peaked at 332,000 on Comedy with a Russell Peters special. A five hour Continuum marathon peaked at 175,000 at 9 on Showcase.



  1. This time there really was an episode of The Firm on, the season/series? finale, and you skipped it. 🙁 Was it really so bad it was unreportable?

    I still have this tiny hope Sony will want a 2nd season and Shaw will agree since they don’t have much new or returning CanCon. The Firm on Showcase, followed by XIII. 🙂

    Nice to see Murdoch is doing only about 75% what it had last season with people thinking it isn’t on until September on CBC. What is the point in having the first run of season 5 if you are only camouflaging it with a half-dozen repeats each week and not promoting it at all. The logic of Rogers would baffle Einstein, Plato, and Mr Bean.

  2. Well Bill, here`s hoping The Firm is a huge hit for Sony. But Shaw had crossed in to Rogers territory with minimal promotion long ago. If you go to the AXN sites in various countries there were (are) contests where you can win a vacation to any Hilton hotel in the world. No such contest in Canada.

    Shaw shouldn’t have picked up Awake. The Firm was doing much better on Thursdays than Awake ever did. Maybe if they had left The Firm on Thursdays and promoted it and had Awake on Saturdays it might have turned out a little better for at least one of them.

    I thought FX Canada was going to have all the new shows FX (US) premiered as well as future seasons of shows currently on Super Channel. Wasn’t that the main point of FX Canada? News Corp does own a share in FX Canada and Revolution Studios, one of the production companies. So how is it CTV has Anger Management? And if they go ahead with the 100 eps how far behind do you think CTV will be? CTV is currently 20 eps behind on Hot In Cleveland and won’t be done season 3 before season 4 starts in the US unless they double up some weeks. The DVDs will probably be out before the season finale on CTV. Maybe this is CTV #winning

  3. Sony did a tremendous job promoting The Firm worldwide, opening it on AXN as early as the NBC and Global dates, but the poor showing on NBC killed any hope of extending the shot-in-Mississauga drama beyond that initial order of 22.
    As for FX, it gets its content from various studios besides Fox. CTV is free to make deals with the studios for Canadian rights to FX shows and that’s how CTV picked up Anger Management.

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