Kerry Washington with Jimmy Kimmel. He works nights

And the Emmy for the greatest Emmy Awards Nomination Ceremony photo op of all time goes to Jimmy Kimmel (above, with co-presenter Kerry Washington  from Scandal and below with Washington and Academy of Television Arts & Sciences chairman Bruce Rosenblum).
Kimmel is in his jammies because they announce these things at 5:38 a.m. L.A. time and he was a last-minute substitute for Nick Offerman (Parks & Recreation), apparently stuck in transit. Dig Jimmy’s cool slippers.
A whole bunch of TV shows were nominated for the 64th annual awards, which will be televised live Sunday, Sept. 23rd on ABC and CTV with Kimmel as host (presumably in more formal attire). Degrassi and The Borgias were among the Canuck shows honoured. Kimmel’s show got nominated, too, and about bloody time. A great big list of nominees can be found here for those who care about these things.

Best. Emmy. Photo. Ever. Rick Rowell/ABC


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