“Stop tweeting my jokes, dammit!” Rahoul Ghose/PBS

This is legendary comedian Dick Gregory. He’s mad I`m not at his TCA press tour session this morning. Calm down, Dick, I’ll be there soon.
The summer 2012 Television Critics Association press tour kicked off this morning with Day One of two days of PBS. (The tour runs through Aug. 3.) Gregory was part of a panel promoting Soul Food Junkies, a program that`s coming to PBS in 2013. PBS likes to get the promotional buzz building a year or two before a show starts. I’m not sure this is working.
The way things work nowadays, you can cover the press tour without being at press tour. All the stuff happening inside the Beverly Hilton ballrooms is constantly tweeted by all my smartass TV pals. 
So if I want to get caught up on Dick Gregory`s jokes, just go to, say, @BradOswald: 
“You know you`re old when you order a three-minute egg and they make you pay in advance,” Gregory cracks and Oswald tweets. “You know you’re old when people compliment you on your beautiful alligator shoes…and you’re not wearing any.”
An hour or two later, PBS CEO Paula Kerger is squirming through the executive session. According to the twitter feed, the press is all over this Fred Willard thing. Willard got caught doing a Pee-wee at an adult theatre and now he’s out as host of PBS’s Masturbation Theatre. As they used to say on PBS’s Sesame Street, one of these things does not go with the other. Marky Mark is his replacement. It’s all there on Twitter.
I’m arriving later today in time to see the cast of Downton Abbey spread the Grey Poupon. Aside from missing the free food, however, I’m kinda digging covering the press tour from the San Francisco airport. See if my coverage suffers from actually being there in later reports here and on Twitter @BillBriouxTV.

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