This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson seemed rattled by the possibility that I had posted a nude picture of Fabio on TVFMF. He’s referring to this shot (below) of some of the photogenic contestants from Big Brother, back for a 14th season on CBS and Global. I’m pretty sure the good folks at CBS are not offering nude photos of contestants on their press site, so I can only assume that the dude has something on back there. Have to admit I didn’t even see him between those two other barely-clothes female contestants.

Scott also asks about the upcoming Olympics–do Canadians get as excited about the summer games as they did about the winter games? That would be no. Still, live sports is still a big draw on broadcast TV, especially in this sizzling summer where not much else is drawing viewers back indoors.
Next we talk about who might replace Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler on American Idol. My vote goes to the Defranco Family. There’s also a discussion about who might be up for an Emmy Thursday morning when the nominations are announced. I single out a few people and Scott busts me on actually caring.
You can listen in here.


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