This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wants to recap The Grammys. Really? Zzzzz. Then we gab about Survivor and get amazed all over again that this show is still wining Wednesdays thirteen years after it snuck on CBS in the summer of 2000. I have it on good authority that Wednesday night’s 90-minute opener is going to blow your mind if you’re a Survivor fan. Host Jeff Probst told me last summer that this edition, Survivor Calaboo-boo (really, why don’t they just use Roman numerals at this point like the Super Bowl), hearkens back to creator Mark Burnett’s edict that “at any given time, anything can happen.”

Zoinks! That guy’s back on Survivor

There’s also some follow up yak about the Canadian Film Centre’s 25th annual gala and auction last week. A lot of money was raised toward educating the next generation of Canadian film and TV makers. Sullied former press baron Conrad Black was there, and Scott wants to know more about his upcoming Vision TV series. I provide no serious information about that whatsoever, although I have a title for the show: “Convictions.” You can listen in here.

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