We’ve all heard the expression, “Put a sock in it.” MuchMusic has done just that, adding Ed the Sock to their long-running Video on Trial. Ed will be among the comedians making with the caustic comments targeted at videos from the ’90s on Wednesday’s show (8:30 p.m. ET on Much).
The Sock used to do this on a regular basis on the annual year-end special that inspired Video on Trial, Fromage. This was way back when MuchMusic actually showed videos!
I’ve known Steve Kerzner, the man behind the sock, since his Newton Cable days. The Sock has been around since J.R. was shot the first time!
People ask, how can a sock have a longer TV career than, say, Mary Hart. Ed doesn’t even have legs!
It helps that Ed never ages, or even gets threadbare. More remarkable is that Kerzner has kept his edge, still zinging with the zingers years after the wacky Canadian television business would have crushed the life out of most individuals.
He also never loses his knack for self promotion. Even I was amazed when Kerzner landed the front page of Tuesday’s Toronto Star. It takes a lot to knock an unflattering photo of Rob Ford off that perch.
Promotion aside, the No. 1 reason Ed is still tumbling out of the dryer is that the damn sock is funny, or just damn honest in an unfiltered way that made Groucho such a lethal wit well into his old age. As long as there are Justin Bieber’s running around with their shirts off, we need Ed to tuck them in.
Besides Video on Trial, where Ed should be part of the regular rotation, you can currently catch his act on CHCH’s I Hate Hollywood (usually Monday night’s at 10:30 p.m.). There Ed teams with his sassy Nite Party partner Liana K to skewer all the dreck that gets treated seriously on all the Entertainment Tonight clones. It is, like Ed, a welcome burst of anger and honesty in a world where more people, for some sad reason, know how to spell Kardashian than Kovacs.

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