Forget about those dirty double crosses. NBC(and Global) broadcasts a triple crossover this week involving all three Dick Wolf dramas set in Chicago.

The story begins on Chicago Fire (Monday at 9 p.m. ET on Global; Tues. at 10 p.m. on NBC) then spreads to Chicago Med (Tuesday at 7 on Global; Wednesday at 9 p.m. on NBC) before being resolved on Chicago PD (Wednesday at 7 on Global; 10 p.m. on NBC).

Cast from all three ensembles jump back and forth between all three shows. I spoke to several of them in Chicago last month on an international press event and wrote about it for a story which appeared in Sunday’s Toronto Star.

In the above video (the audio isn’t great as it was recorded in a crowded room with several other interviews taking place), Chicago Fire stars David Eigenberg and Eamonn Walker talk about working and living in Chicago. Eigenberg in particular talks about how the Windy City is more dangerous and “darker than New York City” until a local reporter at the round table spoke up and said, “Hey, watch that!” Eigenberg goes on to quote the description of Chicago as like “a beautiful woman with a broken nose” before emphasizing that that’s his kind of girl.

Eigenberg, best known for Sex and the City, has worked on shows in Toronto and says the Canadian city has one thing Chicago doesn’t–a series of underground plazas and walkways that make navigating during winter a little more bearable.


I wrote in more detail about this week’s crossover storyline in a feature which appeared in Sunday’s Toronto Star.  Read the full story here at

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  1. Chicago doesn’t just have a broken nose. It also has two broken legs, no teeth, missing an ear, multiple concussions and internal bleeding.

    Is it any wonder that the cities most screwed up (Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, Cleveland etc.) are the ones the Democrat Party has ruled for generations?

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