A dull, mistake-filled game plus good weather across much of Canada put a dent in Sunday’s Super Bowl numbers.

Super-Bowl-50-LogoAccording to overnight estimates, an average-minute audience of 7,324,000 Canadians watched Super Bowl 50 on CTV Sunday night, down roughly 900,000 from the year before.

The 2015 game was a nail-biter and a record-setter, with 8.23 million tuning in on CTV plus a million more on RDS.

Sunday’s English Canada audience was close to CTV’s overnight tally in 2012.

In a game of miscues held at San Francisco’s new stadium, the Denver Broncos beat the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

I watched a CBS affiliate feed of the game and was just as unimpressed with this year’s Super Bowl commercials as I was with either team’s offense. A car ad featuring Christopher Walken, which I had watched the day before on YouTube, was amusing.


An ad featuring a pink, animated intestine walking down the street tied an ad showing a baby with a monkey’s head licking some dude’s face for Creepiest Super Bowl commercial ever. No more chili for me, thanks.

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission has ordered NFL rights holder CTV to air the U.S. Super Bowl ads starting next February. Based on the dreck I saw Sunday night, this seems both pointless and cruel.


  1. “I watched a CBS affiliate feed of the game”.

    Do we have any ratings for those viewers? I did as well using an antenna, and I feel that this is the one event where you’d get a significant audience running from the simsub.

    • Bill Brioux Reply

      In the U.S., Sunday’s Super Bowl rating was massive but not a record. According to “TV By the Numbers,” the game drew 111.9 million viewers in the overnights, per time zone-adjusted ratings from CBS. That’s the second-highest mark ever for a Super Bowl behind last year’s game, which pulled in 114.1 million people.

      • I meant how many Canadians went around the CTRC and watched the game on CBS?

        • There is no way to measure the ratings for US channels viewed in Canada.

  2. The CRTC hasn’t mandated CTV air the US Super Bowl ads at all. They said they can’t simsub and place the CTV feed over the US Net’s feed. CTV will continue to air whatever ads they want, but viewers will be able to tune into the US feed uninterrupted and watch the ads on the US net.

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