Pictured: (l-r) Larry David as Bernie Sanders, Woody Harrelson as Joe Biden, and Maya Rudolph as Kamala Harris during the “DNC Town Hall” sketch on Saturday, Night Live. Photo by: Will Heath/NBC

Saturday Night Live was live from New York for a 45th season on the weekend. Time then for the 44th annual debate: is this show still funny? The answer always is, “It had its moments.” For me the high points were the cold opening with Larry David back as Bernie Sanders as well as the fake Downton Abbey movie trailer. Alec Baldwin was also back as Donald Trump but, to be honest, I’m getting bored of both of them.

I joined AM900 radio host Rick Zamperin to kick it around earlier this week on Hamilton’s CHML. You can listen in here and see if you agree with our assessments.

Ratings were down a bit from last year’s season premiere, with the weekend sketch staple, hosted Saturday by Woody Harrelson, drawing an overnight, estimated 836,000 on Global in Canada.

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