The launch of the new Star Wars animated series The Bad Batch on “May the 4th” sparked memories of my 2009 trip to Lucasfilm’s Big Rock Ranch. I took plenty of photos on this visit (I was there as a guest of Teleroon at the time) and thought I’d share a few more here.

This stunning film production campus in Marin County, California, was beautiful inside and out. I’d never seen such a collection of movie posters, many of them foreign language originals of classic films such as The Marx Brothers in “At the Circus” and Buster Keaton in The Cameraman.

Outside at the entrance to the main building a weathered-looking statue of Yoda there was. By the door, standing guard, was a replica of R2D2.

The hallways were also home to several life size models of the heroes of the Clone War saga, which was about to launch a second season at the time of my visit. The fellow in the Indiana Jones hat is Dave Filoni, supervising producer on Clone Wars and executive producer of the new Bad Batch series. It airs on Disney+. The second new 70-minute episode premieres Friday.

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