Bachelor bro’s Jesse Jones (host, left) and bartender Kevin Wendt

It was so nice of Citytv and Rogers to send red roses and candles and coasters and romantic paraphernalia to celebrate my daughter Katie and her fiancé Mo getting engaged this weekend.

Oh, wait – no, this is to promote Bachelor in Paradise Canada, premiering tonight over two hours starting at 8 pm ET on Citytv and

The new season features a mix of 12 Canadian and U.S. Bachelor alumni favourites and – in a first for the global franchise – 14 Canadian #BachelorNation fans. Do these civilians know what they’re getting into?

CItytv’s box full or romance

The Canadian love nest is in a secret location, apparently somewhere in Ontario cottage country. Mind the poison ivy! The lovebirds range in age from 25 to 37, and come from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Calgary, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Halifax and even Medicine Hat. Crossing the border are presumably fully vaxxed charmers from New York, Detroit and South Carolina.

The hicky-fest is hosted by Jesse Jones with past Bachelor cad Kevin Wendt acting as bartender. There’s even a Bachelor After Paradise Canada show where KiSS 92.5’s Deepa Prashad and Daryn Jones wring every last ounce of romantic Rogers’ synergy out of this canoodle fest.

The big box of goodies City sent over includes a Bachelor in Paradise bingo card for stamping out highlights. Spaces include “2 Singles Get in a Heated Argument,” “A Guy Cries” and “Somebody Goes Skinny-Dipping.”


Let the Bachelor in Paradise bingo stamping begin, #bachelornation!

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