Mary Walsh is a marvel. At 70, the Order of Canada recipient has more on the go than Marg Delahunty at a Pierre Poilievre rally.

Walsh says she was born to play the tart-tongued older “Missus” living downstairs from a sad sack young bachelor in the very funny comedy The Missus Downstairs. The award-winning series is back for a second season, including a special Christmas episode (featuring Andy Jones), on Fibe TV.

Co-starring is the man who lived the story, Newfoundland comedian Dave Sullivan. His character described the Missus as “like living above Joan Rivers only alive and without all the charm.”

Walsh (left) with Missus’ co-star Sullivan

Walsh, of course, created This Hour Has 22 Minutes after co-starring in the breakthrough East Coast comedy CODCO. She’s brilliant in comedy or drama, with “The Grand Seduction,” “Closet Monster” and “Happy Place” among her more recent film credits.

Walsh isn’t just acting as the Missus she’s also co-writing, producing and directing the series. She also found time to direct Newfoundland comedy troopers “HalfHandsome” in the Peak TV parody Jack TV, also shown on Fibe TV.

Asked about mentoring the next generation of Newfoundland comedy talent, Walsh says she’s just as grateful to the younger performers for giving her all the artistic challenges she can handle. All I can say is I wish there had been a Mary Walsh-like mentor back when I was doing “Etobichannel.” Listen to this episode for the laffs, stay for the wisdom.


Hear her also on the 30th anniversary of 22 Minutes, her very precise definition of satire and her deep affection for the late, great East Coast film & TV boss Paul Pope. Simply click on the blue and white arrow above to hear Walsh now on the podcast.

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