Eric McCormack is such a terrific podcast guest we’re running this episode twice.

The occasion is the premiere, April 6, of Slasher: Ripper. This fifth season of the horror anthology series airs on the streaming service Shudder in the States and in Canada on  one of our sponsors here at, Hollywood Suite.

Set in 1910, McCormack plays, in his words, “a ruthless son-of-a-bitch” who finds himself on the hit list of a vicious slasher. 

The Emmy-award winner is known more for starring in urbane comedies such as Will & Grace than for playing nasty bad guys, but he’s done it before. “It comes a little too naturally to me,” he jokes.

McCormack, in character from Slasher: Ripper, reading something from the past known as a “newspaper”

The Toronto native warns fans that Slasher: Ripper, is bloody. He describes it as “gory Agatha Christie.” The series is from Shaftesbury, and borrows a set or two from another one of their series set in 1910, Murdoch Mysteries. McCormack, in fact, directed an episode of Murdoch while he was in town last season.

On this encore episode of the podcast, which originally ran in 2022, McCormack shares several terrific showbiz stories. Examples include the time he cracked up guest star Gene Wilder on the set of Will & Grace.


While he is well known for his other TV series work, including such dramas as Perception and Travelers, McCormack says that every decade or so he gets the itch to return to Broadway. “The Music Man” is among his Great White Way credits. 

On this episode, he talks about plans to launch a Broadway show based on the hit Michael Douglas/Kathleen Turner movie “The War of the Roses.” I update that item on this re-posting, with the news that McCormack will be directed first by Jason Alexander at the Hayes theater starting this July in the domestic comedy “The Cottage.”

At the end of this episode, hear McCormack belt out his favourite all-time TV theme song (hint: the two main character were “Doing it our way…”).

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