With summer just over a week away, it’s time to jump back into The Lake. The Prime Video series has just returned for a second season. It stars Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black) as a gay dad with a now 17-year-old daughter named Billie (Madison Shamoun). That’s what happens when you get your best friend pregnant at prom. The baby girl was given up for adoption.

Justin reconnects with his city girl by bringing her to the cherished cabin where he spent his youth. Trouble is, his back-stabbing step-sister, Maisy-May (Julia Stiles). has claimed the cottage and stolen it from him. A lot of canoe jousting ensues.

There are several other very funny people in this series, including Jon Dore as an obnoxious cottage neighbour dude. Recent brioux.tv podcast guest Lauren Holly gets into the mix in Season Two as the mom-from-Hell. Terry Chen, Travis Nelson, Natalie Lisinska, Carolyn Cott and young Declan Whaley are all in on the cottage hijinks.

Gavaris (left) with Madison Shamoun

Gavaris is from Brampton, Ont., home of brioux.tv, and so brace yourself for plenty of talk about the Bramalea City Centre. On this podcast, he also talks about how he got into acting, the people who helped him along the way and the challenge of jumping into The Lake. This series is his first time as No. 1 on the call sheet and he admits that, at first, “doing something so comedic was a step outside my comfort zone.”

You would never know it as Gavaris took to The Lake like a fish to water. It helps, he says, that, more than any other character he’s ever played, “This guy is me.”

Gavaris under the pink bathing cap with Travis Nelson

I spoke with Gavaris late last summer when he was just one week into shooting the second season. The series is shot up in Ontario’s cottage country, a few hours north of Toronto. Gavaris marvels at how everything you see on The Lake is shot on location, with actual cottage interiors used and nothing shot on a sound stage. “It was summer camp,” he says.


To hear it from Gaveris, simply click on the white arrow in the blue dot, above.

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