Series creator and star Mark Critch needed to replicate the bridge of the original Star Trek Enterprise for a fantasy sequence on his St. John’s-based sitcom Son of a Critch. The episode airs this Tuesday, January 16 on CBC. Who did Critch beam aboard to do the job?

None other that my guest this week on the podcast, Mark Steel.

True, that name sounds more like a Marvel superhero than a  production designer. Steel, however, has been crafting the look of everything from phasers to flight decks as the production designer on the Toronto-based Paramount+ series Star Trek: Discovery.

The younger stars of Son of a Critch (l-r): Susan Powers, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth and Mark Ezekiel Rivera

Emmy nominated for his TV work, he was also the production designer of The Umbrella Academy and an Art Director on What We Do in the Shadows as well as Heroes Reborn and Beauty and the Beast.
Raised in Ottawa, Steel got his start back in the ’90s as a set decorator on the original Kids in the Hall series, which he says was pretty much a great party every live taping.

Set phasers for stun as he talks about how he got into the business and  how he brought the Enterprise to Newfoundland, one retro scene at a time.

To listen to the episode, simply click on the white arrow in the blue circle at the top of this post.


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