I do not have any personal stories to share about Jimy “One M” Williams, who died in late January at 80. The California native was briefly a major leaguer but he had a much more robust career as the Toronto Blue Jays third base coach and eventual manger. He was later American League Manager of

Think you now know everything about the 1972 Canada-U.S.S.R. Summit Series? Think again, Smirnoff breath. The Canadian American Business Council hosted a screening Wednesday night in Toronto at the Hockey Hall of Fame of the new documentary “Ice-breaker: The ’72 Summit Series.” After a series of cross-country screenings, the 90-minute film premieres December 27 exclusively

The 2022 Major League Baseball season is finally underway — and there’s a new player in the mix. AppleTV+ becomes the first streaming service to offer a full schedule of MLB games. For a limited time, you won’t even need an AppleTV+ subscription to watch their new Friday Night Baseball coverage. Anyone in Canada, America,

There was a time when Canadians felt all left out because we couldn’t watch the US Super Bowl ads. A former Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission chief even ordered the Canadian NFL rights holder, Bell Media, to provide a window to the originating US feed for the game in Canada just so ads for beer

I’ve heard of playoff beards, but this is ridiculous. I tuned in to Sportsnet Tuesday for the resumption of NHL hockey only to see that commentator Elliotte Friedman had turned into San Jose Sharks centre Joe Thornton. They both need to see Bill Barber! As for the action on the ice, for me, the empty

How devestating would it be if sports gets shut down again a few days after baseball tries to sneak in a 60 game season? The news that 14 players and team members on the Florida Marlins have been diagnosed with COVID-19 has sent MLB officials scrambling to determine if the pandemic is simply too much