Emmy Awards


In 2015, PBS aired a Pioneers of Television special saluting Mary Tyler Moore. Much of the special, of course, centred on Moore’s seminal sitcom of the early- to mid-’70s. The series was designed around Moore but the early seasons featured a trio of top TV performers: Moore as “make it on her own” career girl

Like the waters in and around lakes and rivers in Ontario, the Creek keeps rising. The past year especially, the accolades for the CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek keep pouring in. Especially from the United States, where the series broke through with four Emmy Award nominations in 2019, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Lead Actor nods

The Emmy nominations are out and Netflix has everybody’s attention. The U.S. based content platform grabbed nine nominations this morning in Los Angeles for House of Cards, their spicy little drama starring Kevin Spacey (also nominated for Best Lead Actor). They also got some Emmy love for two other shows, including a Comedy nomination for