Like the waters in and around lakes and rivers in Ontario, the Creek keeps rising. The past year especially, the accolades for the CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek keep pouring in. Especially from the United States, where the series broke through with four Emmy Award nominations in 2019, including Outstanding Comedy Series and Lead Actor nods for both Catherine O’Hara and Eugene Levy.

Other regulars are getting notice, too, including Annie Murphy and Noah Reid, who both attended the CBC Winter launch in Toronto late last year. In 2019, Reid won a Canadian Screen Award for his role as Patrick Brewer, fiance and business partner of David (Dan Levy) on the series. Murphy, 33, has been nominated for three CSA’s for her role as the Rose’s socialite daughter Alexis on the series.

I spoke with them both for a short video segment, above, where we took three minutes to talk (and sing) all-time favourite TV theme songs. Then we got into how the buzz surrounding Schitt’s Creek has changed their lives.

“It’s pretty surreal actually,” says Reid, 32. “The last year we’ve gotten to meet some incredible people whose work we love, like Elton John. John told [executive producer and star Dan Levy] that his work was timeless or ahead of its time. Then we found ourselves at the Emmys and thought, okay, sure, that’s where we are right now…”

“We’ve traveled all over North America with the live tour,” added Murphy, echoing Reid assessment that the international attention has been surreal. “We’re enjoying it now because I don’t think that these projects come around all that often.”

Walking away from the ramshackle Schitt’s Creek motel exterior set (located in Mono, Ontario) for the last time was “incredibly bittersweet,” says Murphy. “To realize that I’m never going to see Catherine O’Hara walk into a room as Moira ever again is a harsh reality.”


Reid says that the live shows were “incredible because we gt to hang out with each other and make fun of each other in front of rooms full of people who already have decided that they like us.” The cast have traveled to Atlanta, Atlantic City, Nashville, Chicago, New York and Boston as well as Vancouver and Toronto.

Murphy says that last day of shooting was very emotional on the set. “The whole cast and crew were there up at the motel and there was champagne and lots of tears … it was pretty sobby.”

I asked Reid an impossible question: Tell us how it all ends, just don’t give anything away. His answer suggests the man may have a long career ahead of him in politics:

“Well, I guess, like a motel room, it’s got to be tidied up and all clean for the next person — but the door is always potentially open if you have the key.”

Schitt’s Creek returns Tuesday night at 9 (*:30 NT) following the fourth season return of Kim’s Convenience on CBC.

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