Lena Dunham


It really isn’t fair to review a late night talk show after one episode. It took Conan O’Brien six months to a year to find his rhythm. Larry Wilmore new Comedy Central series continues to evolve. Still, if Corden’s mission was to establish himself as a clear alternative Monday it was pretty much mission accomplished.

PASADENA, CA–That Ken Burns. He pays attention to detail.Monday afternoon, he was back at press tour for the umpteenth time, this season promoting The Address. At 90 minutes, The Address is about four score and seven years shorter than many of Burns’  epic docu-films of the past. That’s because it is based on Abraham Lincoln’s

Dad (Apatow), mom (Konner) and their No. 1 Girl (Dunham) PASADENA, CA–Holy crap, are the folks behind Girls ever defensive.A reporter touched off a firestorm Thursday by opening the session for HBO’s Girls (back for a third season Sunday at 10 p.m. ET on HBO Canada) with this question, directed to Dunham: I don’t get

It’s not often I find myself agreeing with Kareen Abdul-Jabbar, but the Airplane! actor-slash-basketball Hall of Famer sure knows Girls.He alcindor-ated the HBO series in an insightful article for The Huffington Post (did they pay him?) headlined, “Girls Just Want to have (White) Fun.”Abdul-Jabbar posts up on an oft-expressed criticism of Lena Dunham’s show–that the