Mark Ellis


TV shows don’t just write and produce themselves. That takes showrunners! Two of the best in Canada have been Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern, the husband and wife team behind such hits as Flashpoint, X Company and Transplant. Ellis and Morgenstern split their showrunner duties down the middle, according to their strengths. That is why, I assume, you

I had the great privilege to be in Dieppe three years ago to witness the celebrations marking the 70th anniversary of the the allied invasion of those stony beaches on Aug. 19, 1942. At the time I was a guest of History network and the folks behind the compelling wartime documentary “Dieppe Uncovered.” The doc

I was snowed under with print deadlines yesterday so a day late with this but still wanted to draw attention to a fine show: X Company. It premiered Wednesday night sat 9 p.m. on CBC. The World War II spy drama hails from Flashpoint showrunners Mark Ellis and Stephanie Morgenstern. They’ve kept this idea simmering

The cast and crew gather on the set for one last shot. Class dismissed Closure is hard to come by on a TV series. For the folks behind Flashpoint, it arrived this week.I was on the set Monday in Toronto when the main cast members gathered for their final scene together. Can’t spill the details–the