Ray Bennett


Maureen Donaldson would tell such outrageous stories you’d swear she was making it all up. Who packs all this into one life: a May-September affair with Cary Grant? A parrot that once belonged to Muhammad Ali? A first job with The Beatles? Word came via a Facebook posting this week from mutual friend Ray Bennett

Treat Williams brought a lot of likeability to his role as Dr. Andy Brown on The CW series Everwood. He had already won accolades for his early roles in the film production of “Hair” (1979) and in the Sidney Lumet crime drama “Prince of the City” (1981) before resurfacing on TV in his forties as

Poor Hector Elizondo. Now what is he going to do? I thought of Elizondo first when I heard the news last week that Marshall, who’d had a series of strokes very recently, had passed away. He was 81. Back in 2007, CBS held a TCA press tour party outdoors. I got talking to Elizondo at

Peter Mansbridge has been CBC’s chief news anchor for so long it is almost hard to remember who came before him. Knowlton Nash was his name, and he died on the weekend at the age of 86. I was fairly new to the TV reporting racket and working at TV Guide when Nash stepped down