Stanley Cup


Wallenda practices Thursday untethered and alive. Ida Mae Astute/ABC This week, Scott Thompson at CHML wanted to know if I thought Nik Wallenda will be a bit hit on TV Friday night as he walks across Niagara Falls. “Is this Harry Houdini TV come back to us?” asks Scott.My take is that this is silly

Kudos to Jim Hughson for letting the game speak for itself during the dying minutes of the Kings’ Stanley Cup triumph Monday night. With empty net goals going in and the game well out of reach, the veteran Hockey Night in Canada play-by-play man wisely kept his mouth shut and allowed the compelling pictures tell

Shatner is arrested for hamming up the season premiere of Rookie Blue Yes, we took last week off. Yes, we’re late this week. What can I say. Summer intern wanted. Canadian TV shows like Rookie Blue and The Listener are back and hockey is still being played—summer must be around the corner. New episodes of

Grey’s finale: “Help! The wreckage from Pan Am fell on me!” Has been a short, crazy busy week, so here is an abbreviated version of The Brioux Report. Hope to have things back to their normal late Tuesday/early Wednesday release next week. (Although, with the Canadian private network upfronts next Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, that might be a

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wonders if no Leafs means ratings will take a hit during the Stanley Cup playoffs. Absolutely–Leafs are the biggest draw in Canadian team sports–but many fans now cheering for Pittsburgh or Philly may have already forgotten what it was like to have the Leafs in this mix. The Beek &

Doctor Who takes Space to a scary high Looking for numbers? The latest weekly look at the complete primetime picture can be found over at Toronto.com’s “Remote Control” section, jump to it here. Among the leaders across Canada the week of April 18 to 24 are two Stanley Cup round one playoff games involving the victorious Canucks (whew!)