Chile reception to Mayweather-Pacquiao fight

SANTIAGO, Chile–I can report that the fight of the century was just as big a dud in South America as it was in North America. There were plenty of seats left in the bar in Santiago where I watched the fight live Saturday night, up on five large monitors for the cost of two “Big… Read on

Review: Happyish is supremely unpleasant

Warning! Do not watch Happyish. I’m still trying to scrub the first two episodes out of my eyes. If the miserable, aggressively unlikable characters from the series were reviewing it they would call it a total piece of s—. There would be swearing. I’ve never heard so much cursing and I’m a Leafs fan. The… Read on

This week’s podcast: death in the Partridge Family

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson starts by asking about Suzanne Crough, the red-haired young daughter with the tambourine on The Partridge Family. Crough died earlier this week at 52. This leads to a discussion of other child stars and how I keep running into them as 50- or 60-year olds at the Hollywood Show, an autograph-seekers nostalgia fest… Read on

Ten years streak by in a ballroom blitz on Dancing with the Stars

A decade has quick-stepped into history on Dancing with the Stars. The ABC celebrity talent/variety show celebrated the milestone Tuesday with a 10th anniversary special. Forty-five stars returned to the ballroom (really CBS Television City Studios in Hollywood) to mark the occasion. As a result, the state of California reported a severe spray tan shortage. The hour-long… Read on

Letterman Must See again with just 16 shows to go

If you’re not back watching David Letterman, you’re missing his best shows in years. Tuesday night he had longtime friend Michael Keaton on and the two reminisced about their times back on Mary Tyler Moore’s 1978 variety show Mary. The short-lived series had a remarkable bench, with Swoosie Kurtz, Dick Shawn, Merrill Markoe, Keaton and… Read on

Lois Lilienstein: 1936 – 2015

Twenty years ago, when my young adults were  young children, Sharon, Lois & Bram were superstars. Because I worked at TV Guide at the time, the children’s entertainers were also on my radar thanks to their very successful TV ventures, The Elephant Show and Skinamarink TV. Eric Nagler and Fred Penner were frequent guests. It… Read on

This week’s podcast: more notes from Nashville

This week, AM900 CHML’s Scott Thompson asks about my trip earlier this week to Nashville. I tell him about those Masters of Flip, Kortney and Dave Wilson–two Canadians who relocated to Music City in pursuit of country careers but who have become more savvy at buying, renovating and selling homes. Their series premiers May 12… Read on

A Grande Ole time with the Wilsons in Music City

NASHVILLE–You can’t swing a hockey stick without hitting a Canadian in Nashville. That was one of the big surprises on my first visit to this Music City, where a modern skyline blends with old fashioned southern hospitality. The reason I was down in Tennessee was to interview Kortney and Dave Wilson (Meet the Wilsons), the ambitious Canadian… Read on