The week in Canada: Oct. 13 – 19

Some early successes in the Canadian prime time ratings race may have to be tempered with U.S. results. Fox seems to be in free fall, with only Gotham on steady ground. Don’t count on a full season of Gracepoint, for example, no matter how well it does on Global. The impact of Rogers’ NHL deal… Read on

MIPCOM: come to buy shows, stay for the speakers

CANNES,  France–Once it ends, MIPCOM gets ripped down faster than a “Ford for Mayor” banner on Queen West. At the crack of four, workers began dismantling booths and carting away all the hype. The free WiFi got yanked around 16:05 CET. Basically thanks for coming, now get the hell to the airport, touristes. The four… Read on

Product placement no curse for digi vampire series Carmilla

CANNES, France–Here’s one I’ve been, uh, sitting on for a while. Shaftesbury and their digital arm Smokebomb announced Thursday that they are launching a new vampire series called Camilla. The twist? It’s about a young woman, at college in a dorm, who happens to be a vampire…and it’s being sponsored by U By Kotex. It certainly… Read on

MIPCOM scoop: Transparent, Jane the Virgin coming to Canada

CANNES, France–Back in June, after the U.S. and Canadian upfronts, I wrote about the “Best New Shows Canadian’s Can’t Watch.” Here’s the good news: the top two on that list are about to leap across the border. Transparent, a dark, adult, highly original comedy from digital platform Amazon Prime (which is not available in Canada),… Read on

Sunday ratings face off ends in a draw

As expected, Sunday night’s first NHL game of the season helped City bodycheck its way into contention. Whether the Sunday Night hockley audience holds when the Leafs aren’t part of the mix remains to be seen. Rogers’ City stations drew an average of 1,069,000 overnight, estimated viewers starting at 7:05 Sunday night with the Leafs’ lopsided win over the… Read on

MIPCOM has its own share of post-Thanksgiving turkeys

CANNES, France–They do not celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving in this French seaport of a town. At the circus that is MIPCOM, however, there are plenty of turkeys on display. Here are a few actual shows or projects in development. Let the bidding wars begin: ‘”Fly on the Wall.” Sony has this little digital reality gem available for streaming.… Read on

Gene Simmons, mayor of MIPCOM

CANNES, France–Of course he’s here. Gene Simmons has been working MIPCOM harder than the guys out front of the Palais des Festivals selling umbrellas. The legendary KISS frontman is in his third day of press sessions here promoting Coliseum, a new music talent search show. The series has Simmons judging rock star wannabes. Yes, just… Read on

MIPCOM: Proof TV is going to the dogs

UPDATED CANNES, France–If you’ve never been to this gigantic international TV marketplace, but you grew up in Toronto, think of the Palais des Festivals as a mall-sized, multi-level Food Building at the CNE. Patrons are slightly better dressed but look just as spent. The offerings inside are about as warmed-over and suspect, but if you… Read on