Goes to one of the male stars from one of the big cable dramas premiering this month. This dude has been around long enough to know better, has starred in both network and cable shows before. Big hits, too.
Lately his star has cooled off a little, so you`d think he might try a little harder to make a good impression. But when one of the senior members of the TCA ranks approached him at an evening press event here and politely asked if he minded a few questions, said star blurted, “No. I don`t know who you are. Go talk to my publicist.”
The dude was promptly told not to worry, the reporter didn`t need to talk to him that badly.
I observed this same hot shot haranguing his veteran publicist a few minutes later about something that was bugging him, not enough fizz in his designer water or something, just a regular star hissy fit.

Nobody says you have to be a decent person to work in Hollywood, but it is unfortunate that some idiots can`t see past their own egos that they’ve won the lottery. Shame, too—he`s good in this role and it is a terrific series. I hope his handlers and co-stars are paid well.

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