Back from the TCA press tour and back on schedule with this weekly Canadian ratings report. Look what made it to No. 1–CTV’s Sunday broadcast of the Golden Globes (featuring human hand grenade Ricky Gervais). Nothing succeeds on TV like celebrities having their pants pulled down in public. Here’s a look at how all the top shows performed across Canada, audiences 2+, according to overnight estimates:

CBC is in for a tough winter on Monday nights as ratings tilt toward the strong lineups of returning imports. Its gets worse with House returning to Global and Hot in Cleveland on CTV last night. A week ago Monday, here’s how it looked: CBC’s Little Mosque (477,000) and 18 to Life (386,000) faced Medium (612,000) on CTV and a two hour Lie to Me (1,133,000) on Global. Also at 8, 713,000 welcomed back The Bachelor on City. At 9, Village on a Diet shrunk to 376,000 opposite fatties Mike & Molly (1.4 million) and Two and a Half Men (1.9 million). CTV finished strong with Castle (1,779,000) swamping a rerun of Global’s Hawaii FIVE-0 (one million viewers).
The BCU college football championships, which drew over 20 million Stateside, managed only 609,000 across Canada on TSN.
In daytime, Marilyn Denis was welcomed back at 10 a.m. by 376,000 viewers.

Global had a big night, starting with a rare simulcast of a new episode of NCIS (2,425,000) followed by NCIS: Los Angeles (1,827,000) and then The Good Wife at 10 1,227,000). CTV scores as always with play it anywhere Flashpoint (1,489,000); No Ordinary Family and Law & Order SVU did 1.2 and 1.1 million.
Rick Mercer blasted back on to CBC at 8 with 1,320,000 overnight, estimated viewers. New spy comedy InSecurity did 526,000 and the sword and sandals epic Pillars of the Earth held 762,000. On City at 8, The Biggest Loser gained 648,000 viewers.

Huge night for CBC: Jeopardy! scored 1,343,000, followed by a series high score for Dragon’s Den at close to 2.2 million overnight, estimated viewers. That led to a solid season premiere for Republic of Doyle at 1,038,000. Even the National was up, getting 945,000 at 10.
CTV and Global may have both lost simulcast viewers due to U.S. network delays in covering president Barack Obama’s speech Wednesday night. CTV did 927,000 with Criminal Minds at 8, followed by a Big Bang Theory repeat (913,000), that horrible Live to Dance (871,000) and The Defenders (1,049,000). Reruns on Global underperformed, including Glee (324,000). The series premiere of the new medical drama Off The Map, with a pair of Canucks in the cast (Rachelle Lefevre and Caroline Dhavernas) opened with a solid 1,419,000.
Modern Family drew 1,006,000 fans back to City at 9 with 610,000 sticking around for Cougar Town.
/A scored a bulls eye with 818,000 watching a moving Human Target at 8.
Meanwhile on specialty, History made history with 968,000 catching the series premiere of IRT: Deadliest Roads; Ice Pilots NWT returned for a second season with 275,000 at 8 and another 147,000 viewers at 11 p.m.

Another dominant night for CTV with packed Thursday night lineup CSI (1,130,000), Big Bang Theory (2,555,000), S#*! My Dad Says (2,187,000), Grey’s Anatomy (2,470,000) and The Mentalist (1,586,000) all winning their timeslots.
Global scored with Wipeout at 8 (1,180,000), sunk under half a million with back-to-back episodes of The Office at 9 and managed 510,000 with a second look at newcomer Off The Map at 10.
CBC zagged with The Nature of Things (579,000) and Doc Zone (284,000).

CTV won the night with Medium (839,000), CSI: NY (1,633,000) and a relocated episode of The Mentalist (1,228,000). CBC’s Marketplace, however, actually took the 8 p.m. timeslot with a shade under 900,000 tuning in for Marketplace. A repeat of the Rick Mercer Report (653,000) and the fifth estate (505,000) easily beat anything on Global.


Hockey Night in Canada skated close to the two million mark at 7. The second game fell to 681,000. SNL did 450,000 on Global.

Ricky Gervais’ bratty Globes ambush was top draw of the week, pulling 3,164,000 overnight, estimated CTV viewers. CTV’s trashy red carpet show managed 446,000 at 6 p.m. Desperate Housewives slid to 1,289,000.
CBC’s horse opera Heartland galloped off with 962,000 viewers at 7. Another repeat of that Don Cherry bio-pic “Keep Your Head Up Kid” scored 670,000 at 8. Global coasted through their animated comedyBrothers & Sisters lineup with 500,000s and 600,000s.


  1. What you really missed were CTV’s football wrapped(!) promos for a variety of their dramas plus Big Bang Theory during the NFL playoff games and a return from commercial break hi-quality sign-off of its post-game show at 4:30.
    I was expecting more boo boop a doop stuff in the form of Live to Dance and Marilyn Denis’s talkshow being aired throughout the game.
    Then they also found room towards game’s end on Sunday to mention a new sci-fi series on Space featuring Sam Witwer, formerly Smallville’s season eight main villian.

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