Golden Globes


You’ve undoubtedly seen all those ads on bus shelters, billboards and even on television. Instead of declaring when Big Bang or Schitt’s Creek or the new CBC series Coroner will be air, they simply say when each series will start “streaming.” Here’s why: a report last April suggested that streaming will surpass broadcast viewing in Canada by 2020. Yes, next

Wednesday night, Fox kicked off the annual mid-season blitz of new TV shows with The Masked Singer. The series is like America’s Got Talent meets The Gong Show, with real singers hidden in goofy and elaborate, sports team-like mascot costumes. Youpee or whoever sings, and a panel of judges (one of them being Robin Thicke)

Back from the TCA press tour and back on schedule with this weekly Canadian ratings report. Look what made it to No. 1–CTV’s Sunday broadcast of the Golden Globes (featuring human hand grenade Ricky Gervais). Nothing succeeds on TV like celebrities having their pants pulled down in public. Here’s a look at how all the top shows

Scott Thompson at CHML wanted to know about this week’s Golden Globes nominations. I explain once again that the whole thing is phony and fixed. The phrase “bags of loot on doorsteps” is used in the same sentence as “Hollywood Foreign Press.” I do manage some enthusiasm for Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele getting nominations