I’ve been talking up American Horror Story since I came back from L.A. The screening at the Fox Studios a week ago had critics sleeping with at least one eye open.
FX has cannily snuck seven 16-second teasers up on YouTube. The first in the series is above. It doesn’t show you anything from the pilot but gives some sense of the unease and macabre mix of sex and violence that is in store. From executive producers Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk, American Horror Story premieres Oct. 5 on FX and likely Oct. 31 (Halloween night!) on FX Canada.

American Horror Story isn’t the only U.S. cable series to be cranking up the creeps this fall. Dexter returns to Showtime for a sixth season Oct. 2 and, if the poster is any indication, the avenging Miami coroner (played by Michael C. Hall, who made the scene at CBS/Showtime’s TCA press tour party) is back to take another stab at it.
Showtime boss David Nevins told critics at press tour that Dexter will be taking on several taboos this season. “I think it’s a really compelling year. I mean, Dexter’s in a very interesting place and there’s some things that are going to happen this year that I think can set up future life to the show.” So what’s he going to say–it’s a dull year? Look for Colin Hanks and Edward James Olmos to both be featured this season.

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