When cooking shows, Big Brother (right) and Big Bang repeats top the ratings across Canada, it can only mean one thing—it’s summer.

Even those shows failed to crack the two million mark. Viewers continue to sit out this summer season, with network ratings down double digits on Canadian and U.S.broadcast networks.
With viewers taking a break, the Brioux Report will take a break too. Look for regular weekly ratings reports to resume in a month. You’ll still be able to follow me on Twitter this summer (@BillBriouxTV) for the latest ratings on many Canadian programming favourites.
In the meantime, here’s how all it all played out across Canada in prime time among adults 2+ the week of July 9 to 15 according to overnight estimates:
CTV stuck with reruns of Mike & Molly (676,000) and Two and a Half Men (522,000) then saw ratings leap with a hearty helping of Masterchef (1,744,000). The Big Brother rip-off The Glass House drew 525,000 curious onlookers.
Hell’s Kitchenboiled over to 1,180,000 at 8 on City. Reruns of Person of Interest (395,000) and Shameless (158,000) followed.
Sportsnet hit a home run with the MLB Home Run Derby (1,152,000).
Global opened with Psych (327,000) followed by reruns of House (296,000) and Hawaii FIVE-0 (885,000).
Ratings on CTV Two were Grimm(206,000).
History’s Curse of the Axe scared up 373,000. WWE Raw body slammed 283,000 on Score. CBC made do with reruns of Mr. D (209,000), Ron James (233,000) and Republic of Doyle (267,000).
Becky takes the “Cowboy Challenge” on Masterchef. Greg Gayne/FOX


CTV had fresh Hot in Cleveland (882,000) followed by Bent(343,000). A reruns of Unforgettablefollowed at 9 (405,000) leading into Love in the Wild (751,000).
Global led with Wipeout(666,000) followed by NCIS: Los Angeles(1,095,000). In Plain Sight ended the night (468,000).
City aired a two hour America’s Got Talent (1,170,000). Murdoch Mysteries at 10 was solved by 368,000.
CBC aired a Mercerrepeat (333,000), a spare 22 Minutes(168,000) and dug out an episode of Camelot(146,000).
Criminal Minds (299,000) was the only draw on CTV Two.
The MJB All Star Game pulled 523,000 on Sportsnet, less than half the Home Run Derby tally the night before. Huh.
Deadliest Catch hooked 370,000 on Discovery. Pawn Starsfetched 340,000 and 304,000 on History. Pretty Little Liars did 200,000 on MuchMusic.
CTV waltzed off with 925,000 overnight, estimated viewers with a two hour So You Think You Can Dance. The Listener rebounded to 971,000 in the overnights.
CBC blew hot and cold with reruns of Dragon’s Den (696,000) and Arctic Air (264,000).
Global was back with Dogs in the City (634,000) followed by The Glee Project (298,000) followed by a rerun of Glee (280,000).                                 
City stuck with The Middle (232,000) and Suburgatory(260,000). America’s Got Talent (800,000) and Final Witness (292,000) followed.
CTV Two scored with Criminal Minds (329,000) and CSI (393,000)
History was swamped with 508,000 Swam People fans. The new Dallas, already picked up for another season Stateside, managed 250,000 on Bravo.

G’dayup–Big Brother is back. Cliff Lipson/CBS


CTV reran The Big Bang Theorythree times again at 7:30 (1,223,000), 8 (1,681,000) and 8:30 (1,932,000). The shot-in-Toronto hospital drama Saving Hope remained strong and steady with 1,405,000 overnight viewers. CSI did 689,000 at 10.
Global went with Duets (536,000), then saw ratings shoot up for the 14th season premiere of Big Brother (1,743,000). Rookie Blue closed the night with 1,103,000 viewers.
Jays closed out their series against KC before 801,000 on Sportsnet.
Community (94,000) and Parks and Recreation (123,000) opened the night on City (204,000) followed by 2 Broke Girls (223,000) and HIMYM (294,000). At 10 was Person of Interest (373,000)
Nature of Things (357,000) and Doc Zone (232,000) stayed steady on CBC.
A Good Luck Charlie marathon peaked at 339,000 on Family Channel.
Take Me Out (246,000) and the finale of The Choice(272,000) kept the lights on at CTV Two. Nikita (64,000) did not.
A rerun of M*A*S*H was the highest rated show of the night on History (348,000).

Wendy Crewson, Daniel Gillies, Saving Hope. Ken Woroner/NBC


CTV reran Whitney (479000) and Up All Night (462,000) followed by CSI New York (875,000) and Blue Bloods (790,000).
Jays batted 645,000 against Clevelandon Sportsnet. TSN scored a touchdown with its CFL coverage, with 596,000 tuning in to a Winnipeg/Edmonton game.
Global saw their Slice series The Real Housewives of Vancouver draw 231,000 on the big network. At 9 was Wipeout(392,000) followed by specialty call up Lost Girl (234,000).
City found another hour for Murdoch Mysteries (396,000). CTV Two was back in the Shark Tank (434,000). Another old episode of M*A*S*H topped History’s ratings at 326,000.  A.N.T. Farm was at 276,000 on Family channel. WWE Smackdown body slammed 224,000 on Score.
CBC’s “Reject Night” went Insecurity (140,000), Little Mosque (90,000) and Michael Tuesdays & Thursdays (64,000). Halifax Comedy Fest added 156,000.
There were two CFL games on TSN, B.C./Saskatchewan (707,000) and Argos/TiCats (751,000). Another Jays game against the Indians drew 586,000 on Sportsnet.
The Calgary Stampede drew 408,000 on CBC to watch Rangeland Derby and Rodeo. Global dumped NYC 22 into Saturday and got back-to-back totals of 487,000 and 586,000. The finale of Comedy Now on CTV managed 291,000.
City aired Murdoch Mysteries three more times Saturday (127,000, 185,000, 174,000). Yannick Bisson—everywhere.
Global hit the jackpot again with another new episode of Big Brother(1,747,000). The Simpsons (373,000) and Family Guy (761,000) also aired.
Sportsnet saw an estimated 758,000 catch another Toronto/Cleveland game.
CTV has been using Sundays to rerun episodes of The Listener (461,000) and Saving Hope (688,000).
Secret Millionaire (463,000) got exposed on City.
CBC’s Sunday was all Calgary Stampede with the final championships drawing 646,000.
The action-hour Sinbad conjured up 295,000 viewers on Space.
YTV scored 483,000 viewers with Home Alone 2. Continuum was up slightly to 427,000 at 9 on Showcase.


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